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This was a trip I took with a co-worker to educate a couple of people in our business-system. The weather was terrible the rain was poring outside. So for the first time I really missed having a camera that is weather-proof. So my plans with my spare-time followed the rain down the drain. But we found this galleria that was like a labyrinth with escalators in I think eight floors or so. It was awesome.

Galleria Riga


Okay I know I’ve been AFK a while now. It has been a hectic time, booth work and in private. But I’ve never made a promise that there would be a photo every day. Today’s photo is actually a photo taken by my Android phone. It was a great day at work, cold but sunny. The winter is not to far away now. There will be another break in photo upload for a couple of days now though I’m travelling to Riga, Latvia tomorrow. Be patient and more photos will come.

Here we go again with the chains. It’s the same chain as seen here. I do believe there is something missing in this photo. It feels naked but something feels pretty good anyway. You decide, worthy or not?

I like the rough texture on chain.


Okay, I told you there would be some new photos today. I wasn’t all too pleased with the composition of the photos and I forgot to bring the part to mount camera to the tripod. Anyway, this is some of the photos I would like to share with you from yesterdays trip.

First it’s an old barn I drive by almost everyday to work. I was hoping to come closer to it so that I could get some great shots from the inside and backside. I wasn’t wearing the right clothes for my mission so this is it.

Next in line we have a stream next to the barn making it hard for me to come closer. I did not know there was a stream in this place because it’s not visual from the road.

A bit disappointed I came to think about another place were I know it’s beautiful. But the sun was setting so I was in a hurry if I would have any natural light left for my shots. I was a little late, guess it was more awesome a few minutes earlier.

The last thing I did before driving home was to play around a bit with the camera.
And here is the result with some motion shooting.

That’s all folks! See you tomorrow again.

This is a sculpture outside of my daytime job. It’s two pretty big metal-rings. We do them were I work. They are made mostly for bearings.  I’m not the one actually making them, I’m just the production planner in the ring mill at Ovako Tube & Ring AB.

Ovako keeps our world in motion

Okay, I’m back with a theme again. This time the focus lies within axes, locally forged axes sold all over the world. We, my family and I, went on a field trip this Saturday. We have a local axe forging business in our little village, Storvik, Sweden called Wetterlings. Please pay their webpage a visit.

The first photo is a sculpture of sorts outside of the forge.

I really hope you’ll like this series of photos I’ll present in this theme. My last theme seemed to be appreciated. As always I love it when you comment on my photos. Let me know what you think.

This photo was taken at the same little excursion when I shoot Drainpipe In The Woods. I really liked the outcome of this photo. I decided to do the opposite to what I like to do and soften it up a bit. Normally I like to make the photos sharp and with a lot of details. How do you all like it?