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Okay I know I’ve been AFK a while now. It has been a hectic time, booth work and in private. But I’ve never made a promise that there would be a photo every day. Today’s photo is actually a photo taken by my Android phone. It was a great day at work, cold but sunny. The winter is not to far away now. There will be another break in photo upload for a couple of days now though I’m travelling to Riga, Latvia tomorrow. Be patient and more photos will come.


For us northern people of Sweden be aware, the winter is closing up. Be aware of the cold winds, snow falling and the electric bills going through the roof.
This is an old photo I found going over my photo album.

Too cold to play

Posted: 9 October, 2012 in Color, Family
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A chilly October day, it was as cold as it looks.

It’s an (un)natural frame of the girl that I hold closest to my heart. The girl who make my heart beat slow and fast at the same time. It’s a feeling only a parent can relay to I guess.

Found this little fellow when we were out for a walk, the family and I. I really need your point of view which of these two photos are the best? The post-processing divide them. The first one looks more natural in color but the last photo has a great warm feeling. I like them both in different ways. Please let men know by comments how you like them.