A beautiful day for off-road. My father in-law drives a Suzuki, modified for off-road driving. They had a meeting today. And here are a few photos I took.

This is part of our Christmas decoration, characters from the cartoon Pluto´s Christmas Tree. It’s a traditional element in our Swedish version of Disney´s From All of Us to All of You. 

Anyway it’s the most expensive Christmas decoration we own. They are awesome.

Mickey x-mas

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas ahead of you. We have a whole lot of snow in Sweden and just a couple of degrees cold. We introduced our kids to sparklers for the first time yesterday. In Sweden sparklers is called tomtebloss (Santa flares) 🙂



And with this photo I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Hey everyone. Remember me? I was here posting a month ago. Wish I had more time for this hobby of mine.
So today we had Lucia celebration at our daycare for our kids. Our son has something against Lucia I think. Every year it’s the same thing, he looks, and acts like grumpy from snow white.

We had a really cold celebration today. -21 C that is why he looks like a marshmallow sadnta 🙂



Happy Lucia celebration everyone 🙂

The end is pretty much like the beginning. The road to/from the cabin.


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This photo caught my attention with it’s spooky movements. It is a single photo 3,2 sec exposure. I like it!


Previous photos:
Road to cabin
Dead Wife
Grim Me?

Third in this Halloween theme. This is Grim Reaper? Death? naww, it’s just me ;). Photo by my wife, edited by me. My plan was to go as Grim Reaper, but as always when I’m up to something it is in the last minute. The result was that I didn’t find a cape fitting my costume. I then decided to go as myself, an annoying photographer. When arriving, as myself, to the party my mother in-law just happen to have a cape, a bit small, but still a cape. Unfortunately I left the other parts of my costume at home, and the make-up I got to borrow was terrible, it never got dry. Anyway this is the outcome.


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