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Another theme is rising from my camera. This is from a Halloween-party me and my wife went to this year. It was in a typical horror-movie place. You know that kind of horror movie where a bunch of kids drive up to a lonesome cabin in the woods. This place is a place like that. The place is called Lövtjärn (Leaves pond).

First up is the road leading up to cabin, originally a school from years ago.

We, my family and I, took a pit-stop of some sorts after a road-trip and of course the camera came in hand and photos was taken. This photo of a simple sign stood out in my album so I thought I would share it with you guys.


Any ideas for another theme you’d like?

A photo from this summer. Family trip to the “local” (60km from where we live) zoo/theme park.


The wonderful feeling of running.

Let’s see if this photo will get more feedback than my last post. Is it too much when there is several images in one post? Please let me know how you like it.


I get mixed feelings regarding this photo. It looks pretty sad and dark, but when I took the photo my son was playing around with his foot-to-floor Ferrari F1 car. All of sudden he was faking a car crash and “fell off” the car. I love the photo even though it looks like the worst case scenario.

Crash and burn

I took a trip this evening taking some new photos. I really hope they came out as I first saw it in my head. I will upload some of them tomorrow if there is something to work with.


A beautiful portrait of my daughter.

This photo is actually taken outside totally spontaneous, I think it looks like a studio photo. What do you think?

Okay, I’m back with a theme again. This time the focus lies within axes, locally forged axes sold all over the world. We, my family and I, went on a field trip this Saturday. We have a local axe forging business in our little village, Storvik, Sweden called Wetterlings. Please pay their webpage a visit.

The first photo is a sculpture of sorts outside of the forge.

I really hope you’ll like this series of photos I’ll present in this theme. My last theme seemed to be appreciated. As always I love it when you comment on my photos. Let me know what you think.