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Okay, I told you there would be some new photos today. I wasn’t all too pleased with the composition of the photos and I forgot to bring the part to mount camera to the tripod. Anyway, this is some of the photos I would like to share with you from yesterdays trip.

First it’s an old barn I drive by almost everyday to work. I was hoping to come closer to it so that I could get some great shots from the inside and backside. I wasn’t wearing the right clothes for my mission so this is it.

Next in line we have a stream next to the barn making it hard for me to come closer. I did not know there was a stream in this place because it’s not visual from the road.

A bit disappointed I came to think about another place were I know it’s beautiful. But the sun was setting so I was in a hurry if I would have any natural light left for my shots. I was a little late, guess it was more awesome a few minutes earlier.

The last thing I did before driving home was to play around a bit with the camera.
And here is the result with some motion shooting.

That’s all folks! See you tomorrow again.


I get mixed feelings regarding this photo. It looks pretty sad and dark, but when I took the photo my son was playing around with his foot-to-floor Ferrari F1 car. All of sudden he was faking a car crash and “fell off” the car. I love the photo even though it looks like the worst case scenario.

Crash and burn

I took a trip this evening taking some new photos. I really hope they came out as I first saw it in my head. I will upload some of them tomorrow if there is something to work with.