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This was a trip I took with a co-worker to educate a couple of people in our business-system. The weather was terrible the rain was poring outside. So for the first time I really missed having a camera that is weather-proof. So my plans with my spare-time followed the rain down the drain. But we found this galleria that was like a labyrinth with escalators in I think eight floors or so. It was awesome.

Galleria Riga



The end…  at least for this theme for now.

It has been a hectic day. I almost forgot to upload today’s photo in Theme: Fireworks. Fortunately I remembered it. So here it goes. Colorful sky.

Is it just me or does this remind you of Star Wars or what. Lightsabers.

Previous photos:

Some sparkling color up in the sky. This is the third photo, which means for this theme that we’re half way there. Enjoy these amazing colors.


Previous photos from this theme:

And here’s the second photo, a simple white “flower”.


The forthcoming photos in this series of fireworks will be more colorful. One of them remind me of star wars when I look at it. But you’ll only see it as long as you keep follow this blog. 🙂

See the past photos in this theme:
First Photo

Here we go again with another colorful, sparkling theme. This theme holds five different photos of fireworks. They were taken at New Year’s Eve 2011-2012. It was before I had any clue at all of how to really use a DSLR camera. So these photos was taken with automatic settings with my Canon 350D and no tripod. I enhanced the photos in Adobe Lightroom 4. With all background to these photos I love the outcome.

In a while back you could see a couple of rings that is a part of what we create at my daytime job. This is another photo of the same rings but the complete statue.
Tomorrow you’ll see the first photo of the new theme: fireworks.