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Another theme is rising from my camera. This is from a Halloween-party me and my wife went to this year. It was in a typical horror-movie place. You know that kind of horror movie where a bunch of kids drive up to a lonesome cabin in the woods. This place is a place like that. The place is called Lövtjärn (Leaves pond).

First up is the road leading up to cabin, originally a school from years ago.

And here’s the second photo, a simple white “flower”.


The forthcoming photos in this series of fireworks will be more colorful. One of them remind me of star wars when I look at it. But you’ll only see it as long as you keep follow this blog. 🙂

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First Photo

Here we go again with another colorful, sparkling theme. This theme holds five different photos of fireworks. They were taken at New Year’s Eve 2011-2012. It was before I had any clue at all of how to really use a DSLR camera. So these photos was taken with automatic settings with my Canon 350D and no tripod. I enhanced the photos in Adobe Lightroom 4. With all background to these photos I love the outcome.

The last photo in this theme. Very similar to the previous photo. Maybe a bit boring, but I couldn’t decide which of them I would choose so my decision was to add them both. I hope you liked this theme. Tell me your thoughts.

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Sharp Edges

And tomorrow the blog will return to it’s normal incoherent self again.


The third photo in this theme. Two axes on top of a lot more ax heads.

Wetterlings axes, sharp enough to shave your beard.

Check out the previous photos in this theme:
Glowing Hot

Okay, I’m back with a theme again. This time the focus lies within axes, locally forged axes sold all over the world. We, my family and I, went on a field trip this Saturday. We have a local axe forging business in our little village, Storvik, Sweden called Wetterlings. Please pay their webpage a visit.

The first photo is a sculpture of sorts outside of the forge.

I really hope you’ll like this series of photos I’ll present in this theme. My last theme seemed to be appreciated. As always I love it when you comment on my photos. Let me know what you think.

Okay, this will be the last photo in this theme. I hope you’ve enjoyed this theme thing that I’ve tried out. I wasn’t sure that this photo would fit in to this theme, but as you all know every train need power in one way or another. These are powered like this.

I’d love to get feedback regarding to this series of photos, which photos you like the most and which photos you think badly of. The only way for me to get better at this is to know my weaknesses and of course my strengths to know were to put my energy.

This blog will return to it’s ordinary incoherent self for a while until I find another theme to focus on.