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The past weekend we, the family, went to an outdoor play (theater) in the middle of the woods. Between the acts my son had to pee and I followed him into the woods where I found this little stream floating by. Wish I had a little more time to setup the camera the right way but act two was about to start.

This is a sculpture outside of my daytime job. It’s two pretty big metal-rings. We do them were I work. They are made mostly for bearings.  I’m not the one actually making them, I’m just the production planner in the ring mill at Ovako Tube & Ring AB.

Ovako keeps our world in motion

The last photo in this theme. Very similar to the previous photo. Maybe a bit boring, but I couldn’t decide which of them I would choose so my decision was to add them both. I hope you liked this theme. Tell me your thoughts.

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And tomorrow the blog will return to it’s normal incoherent self again.


The third photo in this theme. Two axes on top of a lot more ax heads.

Wetterlings axes, sharp enough to shave your beard.

Check out the previous photos in this theme:
Glowing Hot

I just want to say thank you for all attention I’ve got this early in my photo blog.
Yesterday I reached 20 followers which, for me, feels amazing. Afterall I’m just an amateur in this field, yet!

I also reached another milestone, 200 likes. For you more advanced photgrapher this may just seem lame, but for me it’s awesome.
So once again, T-H-A-N-K-S.
Please keep check in to my blog and follow my progress to be a better photographer.
And by the way, I like all the help I can get.

Stay tuned for my next photo in theme Axes. It will come up later this evening, local time.

BR Mike


I must say that I love this photo, the contrast between the glowing hot metal and the dark dirty hands that forges the metal into an axe.

It’s an awesome art they are doing at wetterlings

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Okay, I’m back with a theme again. This time the focus lies within axes, locally forged axes sold all over the world. We, my family and I, went on a field trip this Saturday. We have a local axe forging business in our little village, Storvik, Sweden called Wetterlings. Please pay their webpage a visit.

The first photo is a sculpture of sorts outside of the forge.

I really hope you’ll like this series of photos I’ll present in this theme. My last theme seemed to be appreciated. As always I love it when you comment on my photos. Let me know what you think.