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It has been a hectic day. I almost forgot to upload today’s photo in Theme: Fireworks. Fortunately I remembered it. So here it goes. Colorful sky.

Is it just me or does this remind you of Star Wars or what. Lightsabers.

Previous photos:

I actually don’t know anything about birds and their habits. So I don’t have a clue if theses birds in particular are about to move to warmer climate or not.

Perspective! Climbing! Going Up! Determined! Brave! Clarity!


Many words came in mind looking at this photo. But in my wife’s mind only one word came up. Terrified! This was the only photo I managed to get before she came in to the picture and “ruin the view”. Sorry love for these words, it’s not often you ruin my view, this was a first. 🙂

Was trying to catch some rainfall. It wasn’t the easiest photo shoot I’ve done. But with a little effort in Adobe Lightroom  it worked. At least in my opinion.


I will show off another theme in a couple of days. Theme to come: Playground, Stay tuned for my next theme.

Okay, I told you there would be some new photos today. I wasn’t all too pleased with the composition of the photos and I forgot to bring the part to mount camera to the tripod. Anyway, this is some of the photos I would like to share with you from yesterdays trip.

First it’s an old barn I drive by almost everyday to work. I was hoping to come closer to it so that I could get some great shots from the inside and backside. I wasn’t wearing the right clothes for my mission so this is it.

Next in line we have a stream next to the barn making it hard for me to come closer. I did not know there was a stream in this place because it’s not visual from the road.

A bit disappointed I came to think about another place were I know it’s beautiful. But the sun was setting so I was in a hurry if I would have any natural light left for my shots. I was a little late, guess it was more awesome a few minutes earlier.

The last thing I did before driving home was to play around a bit with the camera.
And here is the result with some motion shooting.

That’s all folks! See you tomorrow again.

Sky of gold

Posted: 22 August, 2012 in Color, Landscape, Sky
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Hey, the blog has returned to it’s regular incoherent self. And by surprise it’s a photo of the sky. 🙂

I know, I K-N-O-W! You have seen it before over and over and over and over again. But it’s all I got for now. Bear with me.

I really do like these dark mysterious photos. Might be kind of boring I guess but I stick to what I like.