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A beautiful day for off-road. My father in-law drives a Suzuki, modified for off-road driving. They had a meeting today. And here are a few photos I took.

This is part of our Christmas decoration, characters from the cartoon Pluto´s Christmas Tree. It’s a traditional element in our Swedish version of Disney´s From All of Us to All of You. 

Anyway it’s the most expensive Christmas decoration we own. They are awesome.

Mickey x-mas

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas ahead of you. We have a whole lot of snow in Sweden and just a couple of degrees cold. We introduced our kids to sparklers for the first time yesterday. In Sweden sparklers is called tomtebloss (Santa flares) 🙂



And with this photo I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

We, my family and I, took a pit-stop of some sorts after a road-trip and of course the camera came in hand and photos was taken. This photo of a simple sign stood out in my album so I thought I would share it with you guys.


Any ideas for another theme you’d like?

Trying to catch a moving object isn’t the easiest thing I’ve done. After a lot,  I mean A L-O-T of shots this was the best of them 🙂

In a while back you could see a couple of rings that is a part of what we create at my daytime job. This is another photo of the same rings but the complete statue.
Tomorrow you’ll see the first photo of the new theme: fireworks.


I wish I had ND filter this day. But you can always find some brightness 🙂

BTW another theme is about to rise in this place. In a couple of days you’ll see Fire… wait for it… works 🙂