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A beautiful day for off-road. My father in-law drives a Suzuki, modified for off-road driving. They had a meeting today. And here are a few photos I took.

Hey everyone. Remember me? I was here posting a month ago. Wish I had more time for this hobby of mine.
So today we had Lucia celebration at our daycare for our kids. Our son has something against Lucia I think. Every year it’s the same thing, he looks, and acts like grumpy from snow white.

We had a really cold celebration today. -21 C that is why he looks like a marshmallow sadnta 🙂



Happy Lucia celebration everyone 🙂

My lovely daughter sneaking around in my heart.

My daughter is taking the leap. A bit unfocused but i like the feeling of the photo.

Our neighbor have rented the gymnasium at our local school every Sunday morning. Today I brought my camera trying to shoot some photos. This was one of them.

My son played peek-a-boo with me. I caught these empty eyes. Kind of sad eyes.

Too cold to play

Posted: 9 October, 2012 in Color, Family
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A chilly October day, it was as cold as it looks.