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A beautiful day for off-road. My father in-law drives a Suzuki, modified for off-road driving. They had a meeting today. And here are a few photos I took.

The end is pretty much like the beginning. The road to/from the cabin.


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Another theme is rising from my camera. This is from a Halloween-party me and my wife went to this year. It was in a typical horror-movie place. You know that kind of horror movie where a bunch of kids drive up to a lonesome cabin in the woods. This place is a place like that. The place is called Lövtjärn (Leaves pond).

First up is the road leading up to cabin, originally a school from years ago.

Okay I know I’ve been AFK a while now. It has been a hectic time, booth work and in private. But I’ve never made a promise that there would be a photo every day. Today’s photo is actually a photo taken by my Android phone. It was a great day at work, cold but sunny. The winter is not to far away now. There will be another break in photo upload for a couple of days now though I’m travelling to Riga, Latvia tomorrow. Be patient and more photos will come.

Sorry for not giving you a photo to look at yesterday, but some days are more hectic than others.

We, my family and I, took a pit-stop of some sorts after a road-trip and of course the camera came in hand and photos was taken. This photo of a simple sign stood out in my album so I thought I would share it with you guys.


Any ideas for another theme you’d like?

In a park not so far away from where we live, there you’ll find this floating little red house.