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Okay, this will be the last photo in this theme. I hope you’ve enjoyed this theme thing that I’ve tried out. I wasn’t sure that this photo would fit in to this theme, but as you all know every train need power in one way or another. These are powered like this.

I’d love to get feedback regarding to this series of photos, which photos you like the most and which photos you think badly of. The only way for me to get better at this is to know my weaknesses and of course my strengths to know were to put my energy.

This blog will return to it’s ordinary incoherent self for a while until I find another theme to focus on.



Cold as steel. Fourth photo in the series

Ovako Steel being transported to some of all the production sites in Sweden, this load in particular will probably end up in Hofors where I work when I’m not running around with my camera.


Number three in the series

Not really sure what I think of this image. May be a bit to bright. You will most likely see it again in some kind of remake. Please let me know what you think about it.

Number two

I will try to make this a recurrent session of this blog. I will choose a theme and post a series of photos to that category. It will not be more than one photo a day to that specific theme. I will begin with this theme: Railroad.

The background to this theme is that I, everyday, drive over this railway on my way to work. I thought for a that I should take my camera and go down to the tracks and make some great photos. This is the first of them.

As I’ve said before. Please feel free to make a comment to my photos. I would really like to know what you think of my work.