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Hey everyone. Remember me? I was here posting a month ago. Wish I had more time for this hobby of mine.
So today we had Lucia celebration at our daycare for our kids. Our son has something against Lucia I think. Every year it’s the same thing, he looks, and acts like grumpy from snow white.

We had a really cold celebration today. -21 C that is why he looks like a marshmallow sadnta 🙂



Happy Lucia celebration everyone 🙂

We, my family and I, took a pit-stop of some sorts after a road-trip and of course the camera came in hand and photos was taken. This photo of a simple sign stood out in my album so I thought I would share it with you guys.


Any ideas for another theme you’d like?

Lovely fall photo in a rough post production. Please check out the new page that you find in the menu above. August Favorites, I’ve posted my top five photos from August.

I wish I had ND filter this day. But you can always find some brightness 🙂

BTW another theme is about to rise in this place. In a couple of days you’ll see Fire… wait for it… works 🙂


Found this little fellow when we were out for a walk, the family and I. I really need your point of view which of these two photos are the best? The post-processing divide them. The first one looks more natural in color but the last photo has a great warm feeling. I like them both in different ways. Please let men know by comments how you like them.


The joy of a playground.


See the previous photos in this theme.


This is obviously not a photo in theme Railroad. But please wait for it will come later to day, Swedish time.

Short story about this photo. I was out walking with my daughter sleeping in the stroller when I got hold up by this drainpipe in the middle of nowhere. Well, hasn’t got much more to say about it more than how much I like the natural framing of the leaves.

Any thoughts about this photo anyone? Please let me know.