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Another theme is rising from my camera. This is from a Halloween-party me and my wife went to this year. It was in a typical horror-movie place. You know that kind of horror movie where a bunch of kids drive up to a lonesome cabin in the woods. This place is a place like that. The place is called Lövtjärn (Leaves pond).

First up is the road leading up to cabin, originally a school from years ago.

We, my family and I, took a pit-stop of some sorts after a road-trip and of course the camera came in hand and photos was taken. This photo of a simple sign stood out in my album so I thought I would share it with you guys.


Any ideas for another theme you’d like?

In a park not so far away from where we live, there you’ll find this floating little red house.

For us northern people of Sweden be aware, the winter is closing up. Be aware of the cold winds, snow falling and the electric bills going through the roof.
This is an old photo I found going over my photo album.

Too cold to play

Posted: 9 October, 2012 in Color, Family
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A chilly October day, it was as cold as it looks.

Lovely fall photo in a rough post production. Please check out the new page that you find in the menu above. August Favorites, I’ve posted my top five photos from August.

I wish I had ND filter this day. But you can always find some brightness 🙂

BTW another theme is about to rise in this place. In a couple of days you’ll see Fire… wait for it… works 🙂