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My lovely daughter sneaking around in my heart.

My daughter is taking the leap. A bit unfocused but i like the feeling of the photo.

It’s an (un)natural frame of the girl that I hold closest to my heart. The girl who make my heart beat slow and fast at the same time. It’s a feeling only a parent can relay to I guess.

Driving practice at the age of two. 🙂

A photo from this summer. Family trip to the “local” (60km from where we live) zoo/theme park.

It’s fascinating to run around with the camera on the playground. You’ll find some great details and “peekaboo places” like this one


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Many words came in mind looking at this photo. But in my wife’s mind only one word came up. Terrified! This was the only photo I managed to get before she came in to the picture and “ruin the view”. Sorry love for these words, it’s not often you ruin my view, this was a first. 🙂