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Some sparkling color up in the sky. This is the third photo, which means for this theme that we’re half way there. Enjoy these amazing colors.


Previous photos from this theme:

You’ll probably not see too much of this portrait like photos. It’s not my strongest side. But sometimes even I manage to shoot a good portrait like photo. This is one of them, at least it’s what I think.

My daughter at the playground this summer


Number three in the series

Not really sure what I think of this image. May be a bit to bright. You will most likely see it again in some kind of remake. Please let me know what you think about it.


This is obviously not a photo in theme Railroad. But please wait for it will come later to day, Swedish time.

Short story about this photo. I was out walking with my daughter sleeping in the stroller when I got hold up by this drainpipe in the middle of nowhere. Well, hasn’t got much more to say about it more than how much I like the natural framing of the leaves.

Any thoughts about this photo anyone? Please let me know.

I really do love this photo of my Wife and youngest kiddo.

So I just tried to make my first ever HDR processed photo. I would really like some feedback of what you think. What I did good and the most important what mistakes I did. As you can see from the photo below I am using Photomatix Pro evaluation version.

These are the original two photos used to process the HDR.
The original purpose wasn’t HDR, it just happened to be two images taken by hand from almost the same angel so it’s not the ultimate ground to create HDR from, I know.


So please criticize my work to help me be a better more complete photographer.
All the help I can get, please.


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